For this first official blog post I wanted to say hi and hello!

Welcome to Ninth & Moon Creative Designs. I am so happy to have you stop by. This is a brand new adventure for me and I can't wait to have you along for the ride. 🌙

I wanted to talk about the name Ninth and Moon and share with you all how I came up with the name. The name Ninth & Moon comes from several places. My name, Cynthia, in greek is the personification of the moon and I have a deep love of the moon. Even as a small child I would find myself looking up at it. And the ninth part comes from being a Sagittarius. The ninth astrological sign. ♐️

After the name had been decided I needed to come up with colors. Gold for the moon, navy and teal for the night and a slight nod to the everyday colors that I love. After doing more research I saw that all the birthstones for November and Sagittarius matched perfectly. I was on the right path. Citrine, Sapphire, Turquoise, Blue Topaz and Zircon. ✨


Thanks for reading this little snippet of a blog post about where Ninth & Moon came from. We will talk again soon.