Independent and strong-willed Sagittarius

My name is Cyndi. A 30 something living and creating here in Orlando 🍊

I’ve been designing for about ten years! After graduating from Valencia College with an A.S. in graphic design I had the pleasure of working with several big companies here in the Orlando area and it was such a wonderful experience. I created Ninth & Moon to help refuel my creative process and take on a new job as a small business owner. 

The name Ninth & Moon comes from several places. My name, Cynthia, in greek is the personification of the moon and I have a deep love of the moon. Even as a small child I would find myself looking up at it. And the ninth part comes from being a Sagittarius. The ninth astrological sign. 🌙✨♐️

Thanks for reading this far and I always appreciate the support you all give me. If you would like to contact me through the website please do so here. 💙